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Does that odd noise coming from your vehicle mean you should make an appointment with an auto repair technician? What if it just feels like something is wrong with your car? Generally, when a car owner has a sneaking suspicion their vehicle should be checked by a Gretna, LA auto mechanic at Mr. Mechanic Auto Care, that suspicion is absolutely right.

1. Dirty Transmission Filter

Vehicles that are regularly serviced (oil changes, fluid checks, preventative leak detection), typically do not need major repair or their transmission fluid changed for a while. Of course, how often you need a transmission fluid change depends on how much you drive your car. Transmission filters are designed to strain particulates out of fluid to prevent problems with the transmission. If you’ve noticed your car shifting more roughly than usual, the transmission filter may need to be replaced with a new filter. However, the problem with having a dirty filter is this: transmission systems are closed systems, meaning they should be self-sustaining. A dirty or clogged filter could indicate a serious problem within the transmission system.

2. Hidden Radiator Leaks

Auto repair technicians cite three reasons for unnoticed radiator leaks: a failing heater core, worn hoses, and tiny cracks in the radiator. Unless you have your vehicle regularly serviced at Mr. Mechanic Auto Care, you probably won’t know you’ve got a radiator leak until your car suddenly starts overheating. In addition, even the smallest radiator leak can threaten the transmission system if water gets into the system, mixes with transmission fluid, and promotes rusting of components.

3. Deficient Fuel Injector or Fuel Pump

Fuel pumps force gas into the engine while fuel injector valves move gas via electrically-controlled components into the engine’s combustion chambers. When a fuel pump needs to be replaced, you might notice performance problems when driving your car, such as periodic stalling or unusual power volatility. Warning signs of a failing fuel injector include stalling, poor gas economy, and the check engine light flashing on the dashboard. Neglecting to have either component checked could result in needing more extensive and costly auto repair services.

4. Defective Drivetrain

The transmission, axle, driveshaft, wheels, and other parts that interact with your vehicle’s engine to propel the wheels forward or backward are called the drivetrain. If your vehicle starts to vibrate or shake, or you sense a noiseless clomping or clunking under your car as you are driving, schedule a repair appointment ASAP at Mr. Mechanic Auto Care. These warning signs could mean U joints are loose, the axle is on the verge of breaking, or something else is seriously wrong with the drivetrain system.

5. Musty Smell when Running the Air Conditioning System

All vehicle owners should understand that anytime they smell gasoline and burning odors coming from their car’s engine, they should call a Gretna, LA auto repair technician to determine the cause of these odors. How about when you turn on your AC and the cool air entering your car smells like a dank basement? Does that warrant a trip to Mr. Mechanic Auto Care? One reason why you should have a moldy-smelling AC system checked is that there may be a clogged drain tube that encourages mold growth. If the AC air smells like rotten eggs, this is usually attributed to catalytic converter issues. Either way, make an appointment to get your car into our shop today!

6. When Your Vehicle is Making a Commotion in Neutral

In most cases of a noisy neutral status, the transmission needs to be checked by one of our auto repair technicians for signs of wear and tear on gear teeth, bearings, or other components of the transmission system. Buzzing or humming sounds coming from your vehicle while it is in neutral especially correlates with transmission problems in cars with stick shifts.

7. Driving with the Reduced Power Light On?

The orange or yellow Reduced Power Light will flash on the dashboard if problems are detected with your vehicle’s electric charging components. Batteries, wires, cables, and other components associated with a car’s electrically-powered systems can make the Reduced Power Light light up for a variety of reasons. At Mr. Mechanic Auto Care, we’ll employ computer diagnostics to determine the exact cause of power issues and make the necessary auto repair services to ensure you won’t be left stranded the next time you’re on the road.

8. Failing Rack and Pinion Steering System

Too much play with the steering wheel, a stiff steering wheel that takes more effort to turn, and the inability to move the front wheels with the steering wheel indicate serious problems with the steering system. Sometimes, defects in the steering system can be traced to issues with the automatic transmission system. The transmission system supports normal steering using hydrostatic pressure to enable drivers to easily and rapidly control the steering column. When your vehicle’s steering system is not performing properly, call Mr. Mechanic Auto Care for prompt auto repair today.

Get Professional Auto Repair Services at Mr. Mechanic Auto Care

In addition to oil changes, tire rotations, and brake replacements, we perform all types of car repairs so you can get back to your normal routine ASAP. Exhausts, mufflers, suspension, radiators, fuel pumps–you name it, we have the skills and knowledge to quickly diagnose your vehicle’s problem and begin repairing the problem. When you get the bill for auto repair, you won’t find any hidden costs or inflated labor expenses. Doing business with us means your car is in the hands of the most qualified technicians available in Gretna, LA and surrounding areas.

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