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Nothing beats the comfort of owning a personal ride. Without it, you would be running for a bus or calling in for expensive Uber rides. So you must take good care of your automobile and pay attention to any warning signs that something is up with it.

Even with modern vehicle technologies such as computers and whatnot, it’s upon you to take note of signs that may point out a possible issue with your auto so you can take it to a mechanic for repair.

Car troubles vary, and you need to be aware of problems that need immediate repairs. Fixing these issues early ensures your car doesn’t refuse to start and reduces the chance of getting into a horrible accident while on the road.

This article has been compiled to guide you on some things that may signify potential automotive problems that need immediate attention. Keep reading to learn more, but most importantly, don’t ignore the signs!

Smoke Coming from the Hood

The most noticeable sign of a car that’s been neglected is smoke from the hood. Sometimes, you may smell something burning before you see the smoke, which is a sign something in your car’s engine or the electronics around it are out of order, needing timely attention from an auto repair expert in Gretna, LA.

More often, smoke can indicate an overheated and parched radiator. As such, you must always keep an eye on the temperature gauge and have a coolant bottle in the car.

Occasionally, the burning of some excess oil can produce smoke. But generally, smoke should never come out of your auto’s engine.

Strange Noises

Suppose you’re driving your car and hear weird noises such as humming, howling, squealing, or grinding. In that case, you need to establish the course of the problem since it could result from one or more components of your vehicle.

For instance, when braking, it’s expected that your brake pedal goes down flawlessly without making any noise. But, if you hear a squealing or squeaking noise when you press your brakes, worn-out brake pads or rotors might be the reason why. Another likely cause could be low fluid levels. Whatever the case, you need a professional auto repair service before you can hit the road again.

Weird noises from your auto may also be due to jerky shifting. Even though you don’t have to manually change the gears in an automatic car, it still shifts gears when speeding or slowing down. For a vehicle that’s in good working condition, the shift will always go smoothly and without notice. However, you will likely hear a clunk or grating noise if the gear system is faulty.

Additionally, check to find out if there are any issues when reversing the car. The motor car relies on filters, screens, and transmission fluids to function optimally. Thus, they may cause rough shifting and funny sounds if not maintained.

You should listen carefully to where these sounds are coming from, as this will speed up the process of diagnosing your car problem once you’re at the auto repair shop.

Shaky Car

Another common problem you might experience while driving is a car that seems shaky or vibrating. Perhaps, it might be because of a faulty suspension of your vehicle. An impaired tie rod end due to frequent up-down wheel movements over bumpy road surfaces can cause you to feel shaky while in your steering wheel.

Your steering wheel may also shake if your car tires are damaged, which may, in turn, result in worn-out shock absorbers. An auto repair outlet near Gretna, LA can help fix these problems before they develop into more significant issues in the long run.


Ever had your car suddenly stalled when you stopped at a red light? Sometimes, your engine may sputter up if you press the accelerator pedal. If this issue persists, it might lead to a more serious problem, and you risk causing a disaster on the road if the car stops in the middle of a busy interchange! So, if you’re having difficulty starting your vehicle, contact an auto repair service before you take it out on the road.

Starting Problems

Like many people, you might not be an early riser, and it may take some time to get up and start going. But this should never be the case with your car. If it can’t start when you turn the key, there’s a likelihood of an issue, and if you’ve tried to start it more than once, it might be a weak battery or something.

Typically, if your car is in good shape, it should begin without hesitation, but if the contrary is confirmed, a trip to your Gretna, LA auto repair and maintenance specialist is worth it.


Identifying a leak can be pretty easy since it mainly shows where you park your car or leave a long trail where you’ve been driving it. Of course, during summer, you might see clear puddles of water underneath your vehicle, but that shouldn’t worry you as it’s the AC.

However, if a green or black liquid is dripping from your car, you should head straight to the auto repair center. Your vehicle uses different types of fluids that are critical to its functioning. For instance, gasoline, coolant, engine oil, and transmission and brake fluid. A defective radiator or engine may cause these substances to leak; if ignored, you risk having your car break down ultimately.

Blinking Check Engine Light

Your vehicle will let you know of looming trouble through its dashboard indicator lights, and the “check engine” light is one of them.

Flashing check engine light implies an issue with many of your car systems and should be checked immediately before you let it on the road. When the check engine light blinks, you may also feel you’re driving differently. In such a case, unless you’re a certified mechanic, please do yourself a favor and take the car to a nearby auto repair shop to inspect it.

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