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Your brake system is one of the critical components of a car, and if it is not working correctly, you are putting yourself at significant risk. Statistics show that brake failures account for about five percent of car crashes in the United States annually. At least 5.6 million car crashes occur yearly, and brake failure accounts for at least 300,000 crashes.

Brake noises are a common issue that arises in many vehicles. Unfortunately, brake repair is more complex than changing pads and hoping for the best. Car owners must understand why their car brakes are making certain noises to determine the best course of action that would suit their needs.

Luckily for you, this blog discusses some common reasons for brake noises and the possible solutions to them so that you’re ready to work on it the next time it happens. If these noises keep occurring, it is wise you have your car checked by a brake repair expert in Gretna, LA.

Worn Out Brakes

If you hear noises coming from brakes, it’s about time to inspect the pads and motors. Over time the friction material on brake pads gets worn out, causing brakes to squeal or grind when you apply pressure to your pedal.

If the brake pad material is low, it will cause excessive heat to build up in your braking system, causing glazing. This will, in turn, cause your pad and the rotor to become hardened and shiny, resulting in noises too.

Also, when your pads are low, they can cause the wear sensor to come into contact with the rotor, which causes a squealing noise. You should seek brake repair services before your pad material is completely worn out to avoid grinding noises.

Brake Dust

One of the primary reasons why your brakes are making noises is because of dust. Dust can quickly get between the brake pads, rotors, or clippers, causing grinding noises. When your brake pad wears, a few particles from the pad chip off as dust and remain between your brake pads and motors.

The flake-off dust will cause a lot of vibration, leading to slippage that causes brake noise. This can quickly be taken off by spraying a cleaner or sanding down the surface material. In some cases, the dust can even go away on its own after you apply the brake several times. Mud and other debris particles can also accumulate on your pad or motors; the remedy is the same.

Glazed Rotors and Pads

You can tell if your brake pads are glazed by looking at them. They appear to be shiny and smooth, but there will be a layer of dust covering them. Dust particles result from friction between the shoes and the rotor material. With time, your rotors and brake drum will wear out, resulting in a glazing finish, and your brakes will start producing grinding noises.

If your brakes become glazed, they cannot generate the friction required to stop your vehicle. A brake repair mechanic in Gretna, LA can inspect each rotor or drum to check for any damage indications to determine if the parts need replacing or resurfacing. If glazing becomes a consistent issue, you should reconsider your braking style.

Excessive Heat

Excessive heat can cause your brake pads to generate more friction, resulting in noises. Heat will also cause your brakes to glaze over. This can happen if you repeatedly drive your car at high speed or if the drum brakes have not been well adjusted.

Lack of Lubrication

This can happen when the brakes are not correctly installed. If your car has drum brakes, the squealing sounds could be due to a lack of lubrication at the joining areas between the shoes and the drum.

In contrast, a brake squeal or squeak in the disc brake system could be due to sticky movements in the caliper piston. During brake repair, the mechanic will lubricate your vehicle’s necessary parts, including the backing plate, caliper piston, disk rotor, and brake pad contact points.


If your car is exposed to rain, snow, or even humidity, you may experience odd noises coming from your brakes in the morning, which is normal. The sound is caused by rust that accumulates on the rotors when brakes are exposed to moisture, resulting in a squealing or grinding noise when you apply your brakes.

Fortunately, this noise can go away after using your brakes several times. However, if these noises do not go away, have a brake repair mechanic in Gretna, LA check your brakes immediately. Pack your vehicle indoors to avoid the accumulation of this overnight moisture in your brakes.

Also, if you ply wet places, you should make it a point to have a brake repair mechanic check your brakes monthly to ensure they are not rusted or damaged by moisture.

Metallic Brake Pads

Sometimes, squeaky noises may be from the brake pad material. Three brake pad materials available today include ceramic, organic, and semi-metallic. The most common ones are the semi-metallic brake pads, up to 35 to 65 percent of metallic elements such as copper, iron, graphite, and steel.

When the semi-metallic brake pads rub against the rotor, they cause squealing and grinding noises. To avoid these noises, you can opt for less metallic pad material.

If you are looking for cheaper materials, organic ones are the best choice. However, these materials are less durable, of inferior quality, and cause a lot of dust. Lastly, compared to semi-metallic and organic pad materials, the ceramic ones are the best in terms of performance and quality. Also, they are quiet and last longer.

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