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Over the course of your ownership of the vehicle, you’re probably going to need to replace your tires at least once and possibly more. For most drivers, new tires represent a cost that they really don’t want to think about because of the expense that comes with them.

However, getting your tires replaced in Gretna, LA can really pay off for your vehicle’s overall health. Not only will your car perform better once the tires have been replaced, but it will last longer as a whole. If you’re in need of a tire replacement, knowing these benefits can make the one-time cost a little easier to take. Check out some of these benefits!

Improved Gas Mileage

With the price of gas remaining fairly high, most drivers are looking for any possible way to cut back on their costs at the pump. One of the best options available to you is getting new tires. Your car is made to be at its most efficient when all of its parts are working together, and that means having your tires properly inflated and gripping the road the best way they can.

The best tires for that job are brand new tires. If your tires currently have 6/32″ or more tread, you don’t need to worry about replacing your tires just yet, but once you get down below that, it might be time for you to consider swapping out your tires. Once you do, you’ll usually see your gas mileage tick up by two or three miles per gallon. For the average car, that’s an extra gallon of gas for every tank of fuel. It’s essentially like getting a free fill-up for every 10 fill-ups you buy once you replace your tires. With current gas prices being what they are, that can be huge savings for drivers.

Better Handling for Your Car

Most drivers want their car to respond to it as soon as they give it a command. Unfortunately, with older vehicles and especially older parts, that doesn’t always work. As car tires lose their tread, they also lose the ability to stop quite as quickly as they once did. That means you’ve got to overcompensate with your reaction times, which can limit the enjoyment of your driving experience.

Putting new tires on your car means that your car will work the way it’s meant to operate, as long as no other problems exist. Once you get your tires replaced, you’ll notice that your stopping times are exactly where they should be for the velocity at which you’re traveling. In heavier traffic, that can be the difference between narrowly avoiding an accident and a bad situation taking place. Your car should do exactly what you want it to do whenever you drive it, and when you get fresh, quality tires in place, that’s exactly what will happen.

Better Traction in Different Seasons

Have you ever played Super Mario Bros. 3? If you have, you might remember that the frog suit gave Mario fantastic swimming and jumping abilities while he was in the water, but slowed him down when he tried to use it on land. Your new tires can work exactly the same way. If you choose a tire that’s made for the hot, rainy summers of Gretna, LA, you’ll get excellent performance when it does rain, but you might not see your tires perform as well when the cooler, drier months of the winter arrive.

When it comes to your tires, you have a couple of choices. If you don’t want the hassle of swapping out your tires every few months, you might want to consider all-purpose tires for your next set of new tires. These tires, as their name implies, can handle any situation you throw at them without much drop-off in performance. However, they won’t do as well as a specialty tire at handling rain or mud. If you regularly trek through these conditions, a specialty tire might be a better choice for those instances. When you don’t need to go through adverse conditions, you can swap out your tires for ones that work better on solid pavement.

Safer Driving Experience

Your car is at its safest when all of its parts work the way that they’re meant to work. Nobody wants to come to a sudden stop, but if you’re forced to slam on the brakes, the condition of your tires plays a large role in what’s going to happen. Older tires with low tread don’t often have the ability to stop safely, resulting in a skid that can send a vehicle off the road.

Once your tires get worn down, it’s important to put new tires in place so that you don’t risk an unsafe stop. If you think you’ve got time to get your tires replaced, think again. Unless you don’t plan to drive your car for a while, something could always happen with your vehicle. Someone could dart in front of your car, or a piece of debris could fall from a truck. If you don’t have the right tires, you might not be able to stop in time.

Better Driving Experience

In the era of automatic transmissions, many drivers no longer feel like they’re in control of their cars. Putting new tires on the car can at least give drivers some semblance of control over the car. When a car does exactly what they want each and every time, it’s genuinely fun to drive it. It might not be quite the same as controlling the transmission and being in complete control of the vehicle, but it’s still an enjoyable experience to drive a car with fresh tires and know things will work properly. When it’s time for new tires on the car, Mr. Mechanic Auto Care is here to install them properly. Contact our auto repair team in Gretna, LA for first-rate service on your car’s tires and more!

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