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When there’s a problem with your car’s engine, you’ll know right away that something isn’t working the way it should. Knowing when to consider tire replacement can be harder because your vehicle won’t always give you a light to tell you that replacements are necessary. Sometimes, you’ll get a notice from your sensor that your tire pressure is off, but more likely than not, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you need new tires before it’s too late.

Before you start searching for tire shops in Gretna, LA, it’s important to know when you’ve got a real issue on your hands. Your tires are made to wear down after a certain number of years or miles, and knowing when you’ll need to replace them can help you both budget properly for the expense and replace them on your own terms. There aren’t many things worse than having to replace a tire because it wore out, especially when it lands you on the side of the road.

The best way to figure out if you’re in need of new tires is to pay attention to what your car is telling you. Here are a few signs you’ll need to consider new tires soon!

Your Tire Is Down to 1/16″ of Tread

This is the most simple way to determine whether you need to consider tire replacement: pull out a penny and check whether or not you can see the top of Lincoln’s head when you insert it headfirst into your tire. If any part of Lincoln’s head is visible, you need to replace your tire as soon as possible. That’s because there’s 1/16 of an inch between the side of the penny and the top of Lincoln’s head, making it the ideal way to test your tire’s tread life.

Why does 1/16 of an inch matter to you? That’s the minimum amount of tire tread that’s needed to safely grip the road. Once you get under 1/16″ of tread, your tire is going to have problems gripping the road in anything but ideal conditions. Even the best drivers will find themselves sliding on the road and going where they don’t want once their tires wear down. As soon as your car fails the penny test, tire replacement needs to become a top priority.

Your Tire Is Showing Bulges or Other Deformities

Bulges are a similar sign of problems with your tire, and like a tire with worn tread, they’re something you must fix immediately. A bulge in the tire requires immediate tire replacement in Gretna, LA because you never know when the bulge might explode and cause real issues. When tires bulge, it means there’s a problem with the rubber that’s created a weak spot on the tire.

Unfortunately, the roads across the country aren’t necessarily in the best condition. Debris is a constant on roads throughout Louisiana and the United States, and hitting a bubble the wrong way means disaster. Before you risk a blowout on the road, get your tires looked at and replaced.

Your Car Starts Shaking at Lower Speeds

A car shaking at higher speeds doesn’t necessarily mean that your tires need to be replaced. Shaking at higher speeds is often corrected with a wheel balance or alignment change, as shaking usually relates to one of those issues. But when your car shakes at lower speeds, tire replacement is the only answer. That’s because cars only shake at low speeds when there’s a real issue with the tire. Once you’ve reached the point where your car is constantly shaking while you drive, you have to call for an expert to replace your tires as soon as possible.

Your Tires Have Outlasted Multiple Presidents

Tires are not meant to last forever, even if you rarely drive your car. Most drivers base their tire’s age and condition on the number of miles that they’ve driven, and that usually makes sense. If you’re driving your car regularly, you’re probably not going to squeeze more than six years out of your tires.

But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t drive often, you’re going to want to look at your tires’ age rather than their mileage to decide if you must consider tire replacement. The average tire is only made to last for about 10 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. For high-end tires, you might get more mileage out of the tire, but you’re not going to be able to squeeze more years out of it. If your tires are old enough to have been made during the Obama administration, it’s probably about time for you to consider tire replacement.

You’re Worried About Driving in the Rain

Luckily, the climate in Gretna, LA, means that most drivers don’t have to worry about snow getting in the way. But rain can happen here, and driving in the rain shouldn’t be a cause for concern for most drivers. If it is for you, that means you’ll probably need tire replacement soon.

Why? Unless you’re totally inexperienced with driving in the rain, your tires should have proven to you by now that they can handle the loss of traction that comes with driving on wet roads. If they’re starting to have problems in inclement weather, that’s a sign that they can no longer do the job of keeping you safely on the road. Once car tires start to lose the ability to grip the road in wet weather, it’s only a matter of time before your vehicle takes a turn too fast in the rain and slides off the roadway. The best course of action is to make tire replacement a priority before the next rainstorm comes to the Pelican State. If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your vehicle’s tires and want to consider replacement, Mr. Mechanic Auto Care can help. Contact our team today to have us take a look at your car and fix any issues!

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