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You should never get behind the wheel of an unsafe vehicle because you’re putting yourself, your passengers, and everyone in other cars on the road at serious risk. If something happens and you lose control of your vehicle, you could cause a serious accident, resulting in severe injuries or death, and healthy tires are essential to remaining safe when you drive.

Your tires can go flat if they’re old, which is the last thing you want on a dark night or during a rainstorm. You can also get a blowout while driving, putting everyone on the road at risk. Because your tire health is so important, it’s best to know the signs that you need new tires to drive safely on Gretna, LA roads. Some signs are simple to detect, and you won’t even need to look at the tires, such as if your tires are over ten years old because ten years puts a lot of wear and tear on the tires. Also, if you live in an area where it gets very hot, very cold, or both, the tires will wear down faster than in mild climates, so you should check them regularly.

If your tires experience any of the following problems, it’s best to look into buying new tires.

#1 The Tires Fail the Penny Test

A tire’s treads grip the road when you drive and provide traction so you don’t slide all over the road. If the treads aren’t deep enough, your tires will lose traction, causing you to lose control of the vehicle, especially when the roads are wet. Fortunately, there’s a way to check the tire treads, and it’s called the penny test. The test is simple, and all you need is a penny. Put the penny in the tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head, your tires failed the penny test, and it’s time to get new tires.

#2 The Tire’s Sidewalls are Cracked

Your tire treads can wear down, and the same is true with the sidewalls, which can cause a blowout while driving, which is extremely dangerous. The sidewall can wear out due to time, weather, and incorrect alignment. They can also get damaged if the sidewalls scrape the curb when you part too close.

If your tire’s sidewalls are cracked or damaged, it’s time to call your tire provider in Gretna, LA, and schedule an appointment to have new tires put on your vehicle. It’s best to replace the tires immediately to ensure you’ll be safe while driving.

#3 There are Bulges on the Sidewalls

Bulges or bubbles on the sidewalls indicate a weak spot on the tires, and it’s a dangerous problem. The weak spot can cause the tire to burst at any moment, and if it happens when you’re driving at high speeds, it can result in a serious accident.

It’s best to inspect your tires regularly for bubbles or bulges on the sidewalls, and if you find any, you must get new tires before driving on the Gretna, LA streets. Waiting to replace the tires will put you, your passenger, and everyone on the road at risk.

#4 The Tire Pressure Light is On

Most newer vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to let you know when your tires need air. If the light comes on often and you put air in the tire frequently, it’s a sign that your tires are worn, and it’s time to buy a set of new tires.

It’s best to manually check the tire pressure before buying new tires to ensure the Tire Pressure Monitor System is not acting up. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, you can take your care to a mechanic, and they’ll do it for you. If the manual tire pressure test matches the reading on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, it’s time to replace the tires so you can be sure your tires always have sufficient air.

#5 Your Car Shakes When You Drive

It can be terrifying when your vehicle starts to shake when you drive at slow or fast speeds, and the problem is likely with the tires. There are metal balls inside your tires, and if they slip, it will cause the vehicle to shake. Unfortunately, replacing the tires with new ones is the only way to solve the problem.

If the vehicle shakes uncontrollably when you drive on the highway, the wheels could be unbalanced, out of alignment, or it could have nothing to do with the tires at all, and it’s best to have the vehicle checked by a professional to figure out what’s wrong.

#6 You Can See the Cords on Your Tires

Tires have metal or polyester cords to support the tire structure. If you can see the cords, it indicates that there is no traction in the area of the tire, and without adequate traction, your vehicle won’t be road safe. The only way to get your vehicle back on the road is to buy new tires and have them installed by a professional to ensure the job is done right and it’s safe to drive.

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