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If there’s one part of our vehicle we usually overlook but it’s still essential to its proper functioning, then that is the tires. No matter how often we rotate them or check the air pressure, any driver knows that the need for tire replacement can arise at any moment. If done incorrectly, this could cost you greater in terms of improving your safety while driving. That said, many motorists make certain mistakes when replacing vehicle tires, which could cause long-term hassles later. Read on to learn about these common mistakes and how to avoid them!

Trying DIY

Many motorists think that changing the tires on their cars themselves can save a lot of money. Unfortunately, most DIY tire replacement jobs end up with botched results that can lead to serious safety concerns. There is far more to replacing a car tire than just tightening up some lug nuts and rotating them, and if it isn’t done correctly, it could result in a faulty installation or prematurely expired tires.

Even if you have experience with tinkering around in an automotive garage, there are several other considerations when it comes to replacing tires, such as brake pads, rotations, and wheel balancing, that require the expertise of a mechanic. In addition, there is always a chance that some of the tools you need may not be readily available at a moment’s notice or easy to obtain. It’s best to do yourself a favor and leave tire replacement up to the experts!

Not Looking at Your Vehicle’s Requirements

Every vehicle has certain tire requirements in terms of size, load rating, and speed rating. Many motorists fail to pay attention to these specifications when replacing their tires since they assume any tire will do. However, buying the wrong type of tire can cause many issues, such as decreased performance and fuel efficiency and a decrease in ride quality. Before you go out and buy new tires for your car, check your vehicle’s requirements to get the right ones for your needs. Better still, when you involve a professional mechanic during tire replacement, they will know exactly which tire type suits your vehicle.

Using Old Tires

When replacing vehicle tires, some motorists may try to save money by using old or used tires. While this may be tempting, it is not recommended as these tires can be dangerous. Old tires are more prone to puncture and blowouts, which can cause an accident if it happens while you’re driving. Furthermore, used tires may have been improperly stored or mounted and thus have structural damage that may not be visible at first glance. It’s best to get a brand-new set of tires. Otherwise, you may save now but incur more expenses in repeated repairs or an accident. Again, when you take your vehicle to a good auto shop for tire replacement, you can be sure you are getting quality tires that will last for a long time.

Failing to Check the Tire Pressure

More often than not, when motorists are switching out their tires, the last thing on their minds is the tire pressure. Unfortunately, failing to check and maintain the proper tire pressure can drastically reduce the lifespan of your replacement tires. When the air pressure is low, the tires are forced to take on more weight, which results in more friction between them and the road. This causes a rise in the temperature and a decrease in the traction, which can further lead to uneven wear on the treads. This reduces your vehicle’s performance and increases the chances of an accident. Save yourself from this costly mistake by taking your car to a professional mechanic for tire replacement. They will ensure your car has proper tire pressure before sending you off with your newly-replaced tires.

Not Aligning the Wheels

Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake for motorists to overlook wheel alignment during tire replacement. Steering and vehicle handling can be greatly impaired without proper alignment, resulting in an uncomfortable and dangerous driving experience. Additionally, incorrect wheel alignment causes rapid and uneven tire wear, decreasing safety performance and causing premature replacements. To avoid expensive repairs and enhance your driving experience, align your wheels during tire replacement and other maintenance on your vehicle’s tires. A professional mechanic understands the importance of this step and will ensure your car is safe to drive after replacing the tires.

Ignoring Tire Manufacturer Recommendations

When it comes to tire replacement, some motorists may be tempted to try and save money by not following the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, by ignoring the guidelines set forth by a tire manufacturer, you risk shortening your tires’ lifespan or even having them fail prematurely. For example, a manufacturer may specify the type of tire that should be used for a particular vehicle based on its size and weight. If this is not followed, the tires may become overloaded and wear unevenly. Additionally, there could be a mismatch between the treads on the two tires, leading to poor driving performance. Failure to follow these instructions may also void any warranties on your tires. Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines when replacing your tires, and get a professional mechanic’s opinion on which type of tire is best for your vehicle.

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